Story mentions two of our partners

This story from Fox Charlotte discusses Charlotte’s panhandling. A task force formed by one of Hands On Charlotte’s partner agencies, Center City Partners, looked into Charlotte’s street population and declared its support of agencies that serve the homeless such as that of another one of our partners, Steele Creek Outreach‘s Serve Charlotte’s Homeless program. David Levine, a Hands On Charlotte volunteer, is quoted in the article.

“The business group put together a task force that looked into Charlotte’s street population. It concluded the best way to help the nearly 3600 homeless adults is for people to give to organizations that feed the hungry, rather than individuals that beg for help.

Dale Mullennix with Urban Ministry Center says that’s the way to end homelessness. “Then if somebody’s asking for money on the street, they’re probably not homeless,” said Mullennix. “They’ve decided that’s their way of making a living, and obviously we don’t need to support that.”

Serve Charlotte’s Homeless is another organization that also helps people in need. “We don’t want precedent set right now that effects all the homeless in Charlotte that are fighting everyday to survive,” said volunteer David Levine.”

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