By: Alexa Catherman

I am happy to say that even after over an hour of continuous play at the Regency Retirement Home in Pineville, my flawless Bingo record still stands. To this day, I have never won a game of Bingo. Ever. Nevertheless, my experience volunteering at Hands On Charlotte’s “Game Night – Pineville” event was decidedly positive. My table definitely scored the most bingos, even if I wasn’t able to contribute any wins of my own. The folks at my table kept the game interesting by making little jokes, ragging on each other, and just adding a little more drama to the game (let’s be honest, Bingo is not exactly an edge-of-your-seat kind of game.) I enjoyed myself, despite my incompetence; it was nice to help make the residents smile.

2 thoughts on “B-I-N-G-O

  1. I retired and moved here to Charlotte 4 months ago an realize I need to either get a part time job or volunteer whatever gifts I might have to others. Also, leaving all my friends in New Jersey, it’s time to make some lasting friends
    So if you have some suggestions, let me know. I was very active in musical theatre and had my own business of decorative painting and custom wreaths. Any suggestions would be great.

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