Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday: Celebrating your service!

POL:HOCDay logo-FinalDuring this National Volunteer Week, we’ve been busy with final preparations for this Saturday’s Hands On Charlotte Day. We’re expecting more than 500 volunteers at 18 project sites across our region.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of National Volunteer Week, demonstrating the enduring importance of recognizing our volunteers for their vital contributions. So this week, we will do more than just inspire, equip and mobilize 500 people on Saturday. We’re also thanking all of our volunteers for the good work they do throughout the year, and encouraging newcomers to use HOC Day as a springboard to making service to others a way of life.

We’re so grateful to the more than 6,400 individuals who volunteered with Hands On Charlotte in 2013, contributing nearly 31,000 hours to our community partner agencies. We’re proud to be associated with dedicated volunteers like Bill Muckerman, who was recognized with a Daily Point of Light award in February, and Peter Samaroo, who was recently honored as Volunteer of the Year for the Greater Charlotte Region Chapter of Wells Fargo Volunteers.

Thanks to all of you who strengthen our community by serving with Hands On Charlotte. This week and throughout the year, we Celebrate Service, and celebrate you!

We would like to take this time to recognize our 2013 Top 60 Volunteers, donating nearly 9000 hours of community service.  THANK YOU!

Top 60 Volunteers for 2013

Full Name

Total Hours Served

Willa Cline


Valerie Mittl


Tysza Gandha


tarin perrell


Tanisha Santos


Sharon Ivory


shalley bernal


Sara Saunders


Sara Collins


Sara Cecil


Sandi Bush


Ryan Sullivan


Roy Shuler


Roxana Becker


Rachel Harris


Priya Ravi


phoebe fleming


Peter Samaroo


Matthew Martell


mary jane ellington


Marilyn Modak


Maddison Chappell


Lynne Boswell


Lee Hurley


Laura Gallagher


Kristin Saylor


Kerry McCray


Keith Pedersen


Katie Williams


Kara Berman


Jessimine Leak


jason maddox


Jason Casciani


Janet Lucas


Jack Hill


Heather Burdette


Gregory Kelly


Geoffrey Scantlebury


Francine Farrar


Emilie Johnston


Eimear Goggin


Diamond Killian


Derek Vela


Debby Groenhout


Darlene Shattuck


Crystal Goodson-Hudson


breanna keeley


Bill Muckerman


Ben Reed


Ben Brummel


Barbara Goebel


Ashley Keane


April Bethea


Anna Sitterly


Angela Romeo


Angela Harper


Andrew Hopson


Andrew Eastwood


Adrienne Weinstein


Adaku Rosemary Adeboye


Grand Total



Everything You Need To Know About HOC Day 2014

If you haven’t already registered, there are still spots open at

If you are registered, here is some information to help you plan ahead:

Schedule of Events:

*      8:30- 9:00 am—Arrive at your designated project site to sign in.  Here you will get          your t-shirt, one free raffle ticket and wristband
*      9:00 am—The Project Leader will begin the project
*      9:00 am-Noon—Volunteer projects take place
*      Noon—Projects End
*      Noon-3pm—We’d love to have your join us at VGBG for the after party to include free food, raffle drawings, & games.

Be sure to show your wristband and bring your raffle ticket for admission.

**If you’d like to bring a friend, the cost is $10

Don’t forget to bring extra cash:  Additional raffle tickets are $5 ea. or 5 for $20

                                                     T-shirt sales:  $5 for HOC Day Event Shirts

                                                                   $10 for traditional shirts

*      3:00 pm—Event concludes

Raffle Prizes:

  • Two 2014 U.S. Open Championship Trophy Club Tickets 
  • U.S. Airways Gift Cards–$500 ea. with two chances to win!!
  • Lulu Dine and Wine Gift Card
  • Whiskey Warehouse Gift Card
  • 10 cu. yds. double hammered mulch plus delivery from Blue Max Materials
  • Light Factory Annual Membership
  • Autographed Knights Baseball
  • Hinds Feet Farm Goody Bag
  • $40 Gift Card to Sir Edmond Halley’s

It’s Almost Here!

POL:HOCDay logo-Final

National Volunteer week (April 6-12) and Hands On Charlotte Day (April 12th)!!

Registration is happening now and spots are filling fast!  Make sure to visit to sign up for the project you love most.

After finishing a morning of giving back to the Charlotte community, it’s time to celebrate at VBGB Uptown!  Once there you can enjoy awesome food, games, and raffles.

Some of our raffle prizes are:

  • $500 Gift Card to US Airways
  • Family Membership to The Light Factory
  • 10 cu. yds. mulch and delivery from Blue Max Materials
  • Gift cards to Lulu’s Dine & Wine, Whiskey Warehouse

As always, we couldn’t do any of this without the support of our sponsors

Sponsor Logos

Friday’s Food for Thought…

Today’s post is a little different, but will still make you think.


Here at Hands On Charlotte we have a program called CARES, Coalition for Albemarle Road Elementary School.  CARES represents a group of neighborhood, faith-based and nonprofit agencies (spearheaded by Hands On Charlotte) who work together to help the students and families of Albemarle Road Elementary School get the support they need to thrive in our community. Twice a month, we organize Family Nights at which parents and students come together to share

photo8a meal and then attend clubs or courses that enhance their academics or life skills.

As CARES is very near and dear to our hearts, we wanted to share a wonderful email from the Principal of Albemarle Road, Tyler Ream:

To our CARES Team,

This email is late in coming but as a follow-up to our conference call in recent weeks and our February CARES Night last week, I wanted to write to say a simple but sincere thank you.  Every CARES Night is a reminder to me, our school and our community that we are supported and loved.  There are a lot of schools in CMS and many with needs similar to our school.  You chose us and to me, that means more than I could every fully express.  Whether is is 85 families or 185 on a given night, I truly believe everyone leaves that evening with a better feeling in our hearts.  That feeling is the support and camaraderie of community and we simply could not make this happen without each of you.  Thank you again for all that you do for the students and families of Albemarle Road!  Please know that you are all sincerely appreciated.

Best, Tyler

We can always use donations of time, talent and treasure so we can continue to bring CARES Nights to Albemarle Road Elementary.

Spring Break & College Students

UnknownWhen I think of spring break in college, I think of friends, the beach, and lots of crazy fun, but I’ve learned that there is a phenomena happening out there called “Alternative Spring Break.”

What is this you ask? It is designed for college students who want to give something back during their vacations.  Instead, students organized trips to volunteer in needy areas, build houses or contribute to environmental, education or other social issue causes.

Central Piedmont Community College ventured to Savannah, GA to help in low income areas, while Queen’s University students traveled to Guatemala.  Others stayed right here is the Queen City to help with Habit for Humanity.  Colleges and universities all over the country participate in Alternative Spring Break service projects.

What a great thought to know that the today’s youth are giving back to their communities. With programs like Hands On Charlotte’s VolunTeens, the trend can start even younger.  The availability of volunteer opportunities for the younger generation has grown tremendously as has the amount of volunteers from teens up through the twenty year olds.

Happy spring!



Friday’s Food for Thought…

Just a little something to think about from Buddy the Elf.  Enjoy!

Make smiling your favorite.
“I just like to smile! Smiling’s my favorite.”6a011168668cad970c0147e0770279970b-350wi

Smiling’s a small thing that’s actually a big thing. The small act of smiling can change not only someone else’s day, but your own as well. Try it. Next time you see someone you know — or even someone you don’t — remember Buddy’s quote above and make smiling your favorite thing to do. Greeting someone with a smile can transform an interaction and set a pleasant tone for that person — and for you as well. Don’t think you’ll be running into anyone today? Try looking in the mirror and smiling at yourself. Sounds crazy but it’s actually a mood-booster!

Friday’s Food for Thought…

As you may notice, I love when I read or hear things that make me stop and think.  Today’s Friday’s Food for Thought is a short poem from one of my favorite authors, Shel Silverstein, Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda.  I found this enjoyable as I know have been around many who talk and wish they could help but most never take the next step and make a difference.  If they only knew how simple it was to volunteer and do something for someone else and what a BIG difference it truly makes!

I would love to hear any stories you may have about helping other or the likes that we could post on our blog.  Email me at



What’s Happening at Hands On Charlotte???

Well the answer is a lot is happening!

Besides our daily volunteer opportunities we have two events where registration is already underway.


Our super fun Mix & Mingle will be taking place next Tuesday, March 11th from 5:30-7:30 at VBGB Uptown.  This is a fun way to meet other volunteers both new and old and learn about all the amazing volunteer opportunities at Hands On Charlotte.  As always, there is food, drinks, games and fun!  The event is free but we ask that you please RSVP so we can account for guest.

POL:HOCDay logo-Final

Next is our 22nd annual Hands On Charlotte Day!!

This amazing event takes place on April 12th as part of National Volunteer Week.  We will hold over 25 service projects throughout the Charlotte area.  When you visit the event page you will see the list of some of the opportunities such as:

  • Carolina Raptor Center
  • McGill Rose Garden
  • Carolina Thread Trail
  • CMS Schools
  • Crisis Assistance
  • Second Harvest Food Bank
  • And more being added

But please don’t wait, if you see an opportunity you like, register TODAY as space is limited.

We are looking forward to a hugely successful event!

As part of National Volunteer Week and leading up to HOC Day, the Wells Fargo building will be lighting up in HOC colors on April 7th, so take a look at the skyline and show your support.

We are also lucky enough that our good friend Jon Wilson of Wilson’s World on WCCB will  be featuring us each morning of National Volunteer Week, April 7-11, so check us out on Wilson’s World!

Don’t forget to keep up to date on

National Volunteer Week and Hands On Charlotte Day 2014!

POL:HOCDay logo-Final

Celebrate Volunteerism 

The 22nd edition of Hands On Charlotte (HOC) Day will be held on Saturday, April 12th as part of National Volunteer Week April 6-12, 2014, as it celebrates 40 years recognizing our country’s volunteers for their vital contributions by:
  • Demonstrating to the nation that by working together, we have the fortitude to meet our challenges and accomplish our goals
  • Taking action and encouraging others in their communities to be at the center of social change–discovering and actively demonstrating you have the collective power to make a difference.
Hands On Charlotte Day has been the signature community service event of Hands On Charlotte since our 1991 founding.  Each year as many as 1000 volunteers spend the day serving many diverse projects across the city, ranging from sorting donated clothing and landscaping Charlotte schools to clearing neighborhood debris and repairing nature trails.
Schedule of Events:
  •       Before 9:00 am—Arrive at your designated project site to sign in
  •       9:00 am—The Project Leader will begin the project
  •       9:00 am-Noon—Volunteer projects take place
  •       Noon—Projects End
  •       After Noon—We’d love to have your join us at VGBG for the after party to include     free food, drinks, & games.  Be sure to purchase raffle tickets!
  •       2:30 pm—Special announcements and raffle drawing
  •       3:00 pm—Event concludes


We encourage you to REGISTER EARLY to hold your spot at your favorite project site.  There will be no registration the day of the event.

Registration guarantees an event t-shirt and one raffle ticket (winner announced at the afterparty at VBGB.  You must be present to win)
Don’t forget to bring extra cash for the afterparty to buy as many raffle tickets as you want!


Serve, Then Celebrate!

We know that volunteers can work up a big appetite, so HOC will be hosting a post-project Celebration of Service with food and beverages to conclude HOC Day at VBGB Uptown. Stay tuned for more details.

HOC Day 2014 Sponsors Include:

Title Sponsor:  402867_152146588243040_1899403011_n

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